Space force construction

You, my sweetest singularity;
you the curvature of space and time,
the straightest path from here to now.
You — infinity.

You my gravity and nebula
spaceship, centre and periphery.

You my black holed sin,
the bright deflector of my massless light.
I crave your parsec lips,
I covet your space-time hips
   there or later.

Space Force Construction by Lyubov Popova

This is linked to my own prompt on gravitation space-time curvature on toads. Will also link to Poetry Pantry.

29 responses to “Space force construction

  1. I like parsec lips and space-time hips. Black holed sin us especially effective. Yes. Sin can be a black hole that sucks you right in spagettifying you, taking all your light.

  2. That’ some love poem, Björn! I love the phrases: ‘my sweetest singularity’, ‘You my gravity and nebula’; and ‘my black holed sin’, and the cheekiness of:,
    ‘I crave your parsec lips,
    I covet your space-time hips’.

  3. Oh this is wonderfully sensual! 😊 Love; “you the curvature of space and time, the straightest path from here to now. You — infinity.” ❤

  4. Ah, such delectable phrasing — this is such a wonderful accompaniment to your prompt. I love your use of intergalactic terms in such a sensual manner, “parsec lips”, “space-time hips”, “black holed sin” — So good!

  5. Wonderful to read. I think the whole shebang (big bang) is like a great romance, especially between the sun and moon.

  6. My black holed sin – oh my! Some affairs feel like that, drawing you in completely and you aren’t sure if you will be vaporized in the passage or just find yourself lost in space. But some thrills are worth the risk.

  7. Scientific passion… what else could a heart ask for. This is the sort of lovely that makes the blood flow hot and strong, that makes imagined become real, that proves hypothesis the world has ever believed farfetched. I love this.

  8. Seducing physics; hmmm interesting😊
    Happy Sunday Björn.
    Thanks for dropping by my sumi-e Sunday today


  9. Wow! This reminds me of a line in one of Rilke’s letters–I just found it at Goodreads: ““And when what is near you is far, then your distance is already among the stars and very large; rejoice in your growth, in which you naturally can take no one with you, and be kind to those who remain behind, and be sure and calm before them and do not torment them with your doubts and do not frighten them with Your confidence or joy, which they could not understand.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

    I do not know or speak in astrological distances, but this poem feels like a longing for experience as vast as the distance of mystery. How can we ever grasp it all?

  10. I think you have – cleverly – taken personification into a whole new world, here. (Though, given the shortcomings of my not-up-to-physics-speed brain, I have the distinct feeling, I am missing a subtle parallelism or connection in your stellar words.)

  11. Gravity pulls me closer to your words, lost in time and space
    I am propelled into another realm, where darkness falls
    into places unknown.

    ok, not sure where that came from…

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