More than a kiss

Bubble me your sunshine;
giggle goodness,
sprinkle sugar softness
— sparkle me with you

Swirl me, snare me
tangle me in tresses
tie me to your thighs.

Let us be lions
strong in roar and rumble,
rush as rivers… loose
ourselves with limbs entangled
beat on drums:

bam-bam boo
bam-bam boo be
bam-bam bam-be.

… murmur me,
let’s moan on moonlit moss.
meet my lips
and bubble me some more.

The kiss by Auguste Rodin

Today I host dVerse MTB with a prompt on onomatopoeia, focus on using the sounds in your poetry. Find a few words to start with and work with the sound to create poetry…
August 30, 2018

34 responses to “More than a kiss

  1. Ooh! That’s definitely more than a kiss, Bjorn! Spicy stuff in the lines:
    ‘Swirl me, snare me
    tangle me in tresses
    tie me to your thighs’
    and I love the alliterative onomatopoeia in:.
    ;strong in roar and rumble,
    rush as rivers’
    ‘let’s moan on moonlit moss’.

  2. This is glorious. Just sweep me away to the beat of those drums. And that ending, “… murmur me,
    let’s moan on moonlit moss.
    meet my lips
    and bubble me some more.” Oh, yeah.

  3. I think you’ve presented a wonderful prompt – not only for the word usage/phrasing potentials, but because we too often forget that the written words originated in the spoken/oral tradition – so to engage the senses in words, is a most excellent idea/reminder 🙂

    and well, haven’t you just walked into the wilder side of things here, in this fun, funky and rather playfully teasingly tantalizing poem? indeed, yes you have 🙂

    this is delightful and rich for the sounds and the images, and is a treat to read, both in the mind, and spoken aloud ~ most alluring Bjorn!

      • you’re most welcome ~ and as I’m reading through the submissions, it just came to me with a burst of absolute clarity – what makes this prompt (and your poem, like the others) so amazing – is the “active” voice – the vibrancy and energy; this is so dynamic! (no wonder I’m enthralled!)

  4. Your sensuality is soaring, your lust roaring–the alliteration is sweet and the sounds are delicious. Your energy is at a high pitch and it carries us on a thrill ride, brother

    • Not sure what happened to my comment but, I loved the poem! It should have read loved the bit about the lions and drums.

  5. Oh what fun you created with these combinations, “Bubble me your sunshine” and “Let us be lions
    strong in roar and rumble,”
    A playful creation. I really enjoyed it.

  6. I like the way the word sounds create different moods through the poem. Of course, that’s how we use words as poets, but I don’t always think about it consciously. The prompt reminded me to do so.

  7. Luv the prompt for its appear to sound. We read and let our emotions appreciate the poem bases on prescribed feelings and senses. With the sound effects of the prompt we are transported to another experience

    Happy you dropped by my blog

    much love…

  8. I like the progression, from bubbles and giggles to roars and rumbles, limbs entangled, and then to the softness of moss and lips. So sensual and evocative!

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