Break the camp!

Let’s break the camp!
the sun is bright, let’s go
it’s time to leave
forget the dreams, the day is right
to break the camp!

The road leads further in and further on
let’s walk on morning songs
across the streams and through the woods
let’s climb the highest peaks,
let’s follow rivers, meet the sea.

We need no goal,
we have the road itself
to give us meaning-
it’s time to break the camp!

This is written for Karin at toads. The task is to write about going… I was very much inspired by Bilbo’s walking song as well as Karin Boye’s “in movement”.

Just a happy little poem before I go to bed.

August 30, 3018

10 responses to “Break the camp!

  1. The road leads further in and further on
    let’s walk on morning songs

    I love this part the most, Bjorn. I, too, wrote a morning song.

  2. Breaking camp early in the morning is the correct thing to do. Before it gets hot and/or the weather changes. I like your picture. Either I’ve walked down that trail or have at least seen it before.
    In response to your nice comment yesterday, we’ve been on canal boats in England, France, Russia, Panama, China, and the U.S. The Suez Canal is on my 14th bucket list. (I may have left out a couple, these were at the top of my head.)

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