For Melania

Don’t judge the crook by his lover
cause opposites attract
and if you are the flower,
then he is manure;
also remember:
the bigger they are
the louder they bark;
but believe me their biting ain’t sharp;
then remember:
no suit makes a man,
no ties make him sane;
just imagine him nude.
and soon you’ll be free.

Courtesy of Illma Gore.

Today at dVerse Poetics Jilly want us to play with adages, change them and use them in a piece of poetry. For me this turned into a bit of satire.
August 28, 2018

37 responses to “For Melania

  1. Oh my goodness, that picture! I love the lines ‘Don’t judge the crook by his lover’ and
    ‘…if you are the flower,
    then he is manure’.
    But I really wouldn’t want to imagine that man nude!;

  2. Several large guffaws and a few twitters and two laugh out loud(s)–what fun. Political puns are kind of new for you; love your effort. Trump provides comedians great fodder.

  3. What the fuck, Björn, now I have to burn my eyes out! It’s bad enough to have to look at that moron with clothes on, knowing he is the leader of my country makes it even worse.

  4. 😜😝😈👅👏😵

    oh, you’ve nailed this …. and uh, yeah, that image – soooo wasn’t expecting that …. but well, if the shoes are too tight, then for sure, they weren’t hand-made in Italy.

  5. OMG!!!!!! 😳 What an image — somehow I need to unsee it!!! UGH!!!
    Fabulous write – as someone else said, you had me with the first line!

  6. well done, although I must say that I don’t have much use for either of them. I can’t lose the image of her in her “I don’t care” jacket. They may be suited for each other.

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