Profit on property

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered here today for me to give you evidence of myths being true.”

The room went silent, and McLie savoured the moment, polishing his pince-nez.

“We have in our possession the first daguerreotype of a monster so vile and vicious it will change the history of Scotland.”

The room went dark and McLie could hear the sharp collective intake of breath from the audience.

He lightened the sciopticon wick. On the wall a blurry picture appeared.

“Dear audience, this is the monster of Loch Ness.”

Next day McLie sold his lake shore properties for profit.

© Jean L. Hays

It took me a while to realize that this was not a picture of Nessie. So that’w where my mind went.

The most famous picture that claims to be Nessie

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June 13, 2018

74 responses to “Profit on property

  1. The McLies. A fine old HIghland family. And I knew that bird reminded me of something. If I’d read your post before writing mine it could have been a whole different story.

  2. Oh my gosh. Thank you, thank you
    for planting the idea in my head
    that there could be such a thing
    as adorable
    That is the cutest
    I-wish story
    ever imagined. 🙂

  3. Hoots mon, this is a richt braw wee tale o’ Nessie, wha we a’ ken is real.
    And Meester McLie is honest as the day is lang!

  4. Hah! I love his name! I’ve seen that picture of Nessie many times, but I’m never going to stop thinking now that it’s a California Quail rising up out of the water!

  5. that was very creative of you putting two and two together to come up with a story. by the way, i did go to loch ness a couple of years ago expecting to see the monster. i failed. 🙂

  6. Great story. I can just imagine McLie selling snake oil. Thank you for the new word as well.

  7. Well, he might be a pedlar of untruths, but McLie is certainly a sharp operator! Very well told, Bjorn. I could see more from this character

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