Not being a beast

I always seek shadows of June but
get lost in December searching for sunshine.

I never stay up until midnight but
read wolf hour poems at dusk.

If you ask me of childhood, I’ll tell you
of fearing for dying in sickness.

I dream of the rivers and forests but
search for myself in the crowds.

I want to be strong, to be feline, but
behave in the manner of dog seeking my pack.

I can laugh in the face of my sorrow, but
worry when everything’s fine.

I’m human as you but
sometimes I wish to be beast.

Black Beast by Maria Primachenko

Writing a poem of self but not get stuck on cliches is what Amaya wants us to do at dVerse. I’m joining very late but couldn’t miss a prompt like this.
June 6, 2018

11 responses to “Not being a beast

  1. not a cliché in sight with this repartee of contradictions – interesting character you are!

  2. “I want to be strong, to be feline, but
    behave in the manner of dog seeking my pack.” Everything about this poem is sublime! “I am as human as you, but sometimes wish to be beast.” I adore this poem. The realness and playfulness speaks to me.

  3. Very true, the fears residing in our mind at different stages of our lives keep haunting us. A very nice take on the prompt!

  4. Your yin and your yang are both activated in your constitution and I believe it takes a watery strength to be able to acknowledge contradictions and let them complement one another in your favor. I smiled at the “wolf hour poetry at dusk.” Thank you, Björn.

  5. I love the opening lines, Bjorn, I feel the same! (Although the verb in the second line should be ‘get’ and not ‘gets’ 🙂 ) In fact, the second couplet resonates with me too. And not a cliche to be seen!

  6. Yes, of course, Björn oftimes we do feel our lives to be a set of contradictions.
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  7. What a wonderful expression: “I dream of the rivers and forests/ but
    search for myself in the crowds” Superb write!!

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