First of August 2023 at the Met

“Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please”.

The young guide leads us through the hall of artifacts from human atrocities.

There are instruments of torture to the left: an iron maiden, whips and racks.

I pull Amelia closer, needing her warmth.

To the right are weapons of war, mortars and mines.
Dioramas show humans in pain, being burned, being skinned.

At the far end we stop in front of an innocent device.
The guide lowers her voice.

“This is a smartphone”.

We shiver as the guide moves a tentacle through her auburn hair.

“Finally we had to save them from themselves”.

© Roger Bultot

This picture took me to a future remodeled version of the Met. Maybe we will be saved in the end.

Friday Fictioneers have redefined Friday to Wednesday, a great day to write Flash Fiction, great job with that Rochelle. We all need inspirations to write and this community is the best for flash fiction.

June 6, 2018

62 responses to “First of August 2023 at the Met

  1. great idea to go into the future like this – and I also wonder what the smart phone will look like in movies when we look back (you know – if we have a chip in our hand for our phone and bank info)

  2. Our prominent music producer, Simon Cowell, announced this week he has dumped his smart phone. Mind you, I am sure he has an army of assistants with smart phones.

  3. I went to a museum in Germany that showed a lot of instruments of torture. No cell phones, though. They hadn’t been invented yet 🙂

  4. Delightfully unsettling. The mood in this gave me the shivers, so the tentacles were light relief 🙂

  5. I love this, especially the tentacles in combination with auburn hair. I bet they look quite stunning, these benevolent Aliens. Great twist.

  6. Ha Ha …. we can’t live with them and we certainly can’t live without them. I wonder what our future selves will be talking into. Shoes … like that show I can’t remember right now. Nice twist from the other stories I’ve read, Bjorn. Excuse me, ” I think I hear my Smartphone calling”. hahaha
    Isadora 😎

  7. Thank you for sharing! I have a blog tea party on the 3rd and I’m encouraging my blog readers to drop their link off on my posts. Would you care to share your world with us?

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