Body Count

The sweet reek of decay mingled with a muted scent of honeysuckle. In the unmoving summer afternoon a cloud of blowflies descended on the wet soil.

Russell sighed in frustration.

“Another body; is there anywhere in this bloody garden where to plant an apple tree?”

He glanced skyward and sun had passed its zenith, no need to look at the watch; it was time for afternoon coffee.

The patio looked like it had been abused by humongous armadillos. White bones extended from many of the holes.

Russell had learned his lesson:
Never buy a neglected orchard from a savage Scotsman.

© Connie Gayer

A picture of one my favorite fictioneers digging in the garden is a clear invitation to include other fictioneers.

Friday fictioners is a group of bloggers trying their best to write good stories to the same image. Rochelle sets the example and select the image. Join if you like.

May 30, 2018

56 responses to “Body Count

  1. I agree with everything everyone else said. I tried hard to pull in other FF writers but deleted the two I wrote. I’m glad. You did an excellent job!

  2. So good. Enjoyed the lightness of touch, even if we are left wondering about a savage Scotsman and what he’s been up to.

  3. HAHAHAAA! I had no idea where this was going (and I’m not exactly sure where we ended up) but I sure enjoyed the imagery and the ride. Wonderful!

  4. LOL … This has been a rogue week for FF. As with others I’ve read, there seems to be a hysterical tone to many this week. It must be Summer taping into our playfulness. Good one, Bjorn.
    Have a wonderful weekend …
    Isadora 😎

  5. ‘The sweet reek of decay mingled with a muted scent of honeysuckle.’ A powerful opening line… But then as I got to the problem of having to dig so many holes…. my stomach churned. Well done!

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