The queen eats breakfast by herself

The queen on number twenty one Dragon Hill
is neither sorceress, nor saint,
but open arteries of sanguine geraniums
adorn her third floor balcony

and her front door is painted charcoal black,
with a brass-head goat-head knocker.
The walls are pregnant, green with ivy
and the window-eyes are empty sockets.

She always dresses in a bottle green smock,
and a pair of knee-high red Doc Martens.
Her hair; Rapunzel length; raven black, bedecked
with ornamental flames and silver filigree.

Mostly she is solemn, silent, but sometimes late
at night you might hear her playing
wild mazurkas on her baby grand piano.
If the queen of number twenty one, Dragon Hill

invites you in, beware of snakes and spiders,
but remember that she always offer guests
absinthe and tea before she let them fall
in comatose onto her king-size bed.

The queen has many lovers but always eats
her breakfast in a nightgown all alone.

The breakfast room, winter by Childe Hassam

Today Sarah hosts dVerse poetics and gives us a choice of street names from her local area, and a few from London. My choice was to imagine a story from Dragon Hill.

Also linked to Tuesday Platform at toads.

May 29, 2018

36 responses to “The queen eats breakfast by herself

  1. Your imagination sparkles in this poem. It is full of gorgeous details and contrast which truly paint a portrait of the woman at 21 Dragon Hall. Wonderful, Björn.

  2. This is wonderful, Bjorn! I love the ‘open arteries of sanguine geraniums
    adorn her third floor balcony’
    ‘The walls are pregnant, green with ivy
    and the window-eyes are empty sockets’.
    You’ve included amazing detail, painted a wonderful picture of the queen of Dragon Hill., especially the ‘wild mazurkas on her baby grand piano.’.
    By the way, we have a Dragon Hall in Norwich, the newly refurbished Writers’ Centre – an exciting place to visit. I wrote a poem about it some time ago.;)

  3. A gal after my own heart. :o]
    She is probably just eccentric…
    Love it BTW.
    Anna :o]

  4. A lethal lady poem. I like it! There was a feel of Miss Havisham about her, but I think Miss Havisham preferred breaking hearts and minds over straight up murder. Her victim’s suffering would last longer that way, so at least this Queen has a merciful streak.

  5. I like strange and different hotel songs, Bjorn. This one is nest, we could get to like the Quen if we stayed there long. Hotel California is my favorite Eagles song.

  6. I thought you might take us down a dark alley but instead we climbed Dragon Hill to meet the Queen of heartl(less).

  7. You painted quite a picture with this one, Björn. I suspect I’ll be careful to decline if anyone ever offers me absinthe and tea, just to be safe.

  8. Of course you would pick Dragon Hill(smiles) so much to ponder. Are you sure she doesn’t know a bit of black magic? Enjoyed this Bjorn.

  9. but open arteries of sanguine geraniums
    adorn her third floor balcony

    – there is a delightful and deliciousness to this poem – it really just sings its own song – and the richness of the images, paint such a mythical, magical quality – and then, the spartan ending –
    this Queen does have a Miss Havisham quality to her – which totally makes the poem just wonderful – beyond a more expected ending –

    saucy yet silent ….

  10. Love your poem. The imagery is gorgeous, and she is such an exotic creature. You end with a mystery..What happens to the lovers ? Disposed of, or do they leave before dawn ? Great imagination.

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