A pesky pebble

I once put a pebble into my nose
polished, a piece of the sea, one of those
lucky-charm-things, best among stones.
Inside, it was lost becoming part of my bones.

Now at night I can hear how it clatters;
bouncing, playing maracas, it rattles
my dreams and wide-eyed awake I feel
how it makes its way out when I pee.

From wikipedia

Today we have a guest at dVerse, and we are told to write funny poems starting from an ordinary event. The pebble in my nose is actually truthful but the end is a bit less so.

May 22, 2018

30 responses to “A pesky pebble

  1. The story is quite humerous. I shoved stuff in my ears. I bet every kid has done something like this. It’s very easy to identify with. Hope you get rid of that kidney stone, lol

  2. My daughter once put on e in her ear when she was four or five. When did you put that pebble up your nose, Bjorn?

    • I think I must have been five or six… I remember it all too well… we went directly to a neighbor who was a doctor… and he couldn’t see the pebble, so it was assumed that it had dropped out somewhere.

  3. When my daughter was small, she let her cousin talk her into putting a bean in her ear. For some reason, kids like to put things where they don’t belong. Great story Bjorn.

  4. Oh, the pebble up the nose! Painful. Lots of kids seem to do it. I guess even if you left them they’d come out eventually.

    I have to say, your anatomical imaginings are unlikely…

  5. This is a variant of shoving something stupid in your ear. I remember when we had to take my sister to the doctor because she had pushed a catkin in her ear. The doctor was a Pakistani with a rather shaky grasp on English and he shrieked in horror “She has pushed a cat in her ear?”

  6. Ooh, ouch! But the maracas — must’ve been maddening. Couldn’t say which would be worse: passing a (kidney) stone, or an incessant rattle inside the brain?

  7. kaykuala

    Now at night I can hear how it clatters;
    bouncing, playing maracas, it rattles
    my dreams

    Our life can be affected by unexpected consequences of an earlier action! Can act as an irritation!


  8. Hahaha! (I NEVER do that when responding to a poem… almost never.) This is hysterical! Thank you for the belly laugh.

  9. Okay!!! I am laughing out loud! 🙂 Quite the tale. Reminds me of the pediatrician we had for our children…he always said he could tell it was spring when he got the first parent’s call about what to do with a child who put a pussy willow tip up his nose! 🙂

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