Laburnum and rain

It wasn’t the rain
that evening in June,
but the glare of laburnum,
and his arms
with your laughter.

I watched
you move closer;
while closing your eyes.

It wasn’t the rain
soaking your blouse
but the reek
of his finger
touching your cheek.

Man and woman by Edvard Munch.

Today it’s Quadrille again at dVerse. Kim hosts and the word is rain. A Quadrille is simply a poem in exactly 44 words not including the selected word.

May 21, 2018

67 responses to “Laburnum and rain

  1. As you always do, in so few words, you’ve set the scene and the emotion. The pain of jealousy is palpable.

  2. I feel his despair. Ugh. Is the Munch piece a woodcut? I love it. Pairs perfectly with the poem.

  3. I love your poems because you create these whole little worlds with just a few words — but also because you’re always teaching me something new about poetry. I’m going to try to work “quadrille” into a sentence in your honor today. 🙂

  4. I love the ‘glare of laburnum’ – we have some in our garden – which suggests something noxious, and the ‘the reek of his finger’ suggests all sorts of things. If all the Quadrilles are like this one, this evening will be steamy, Bjorn!

  5. A great write, I love how you use the ‘the glare of laburnum’ here, which was always a symbol for poison

  6. This is excellent and what you write gives so much power to what’s between the lines! And great piece drawn out of the Munch woodcut

  7. Love the emotions portayed in this poem, Bjorn. Such a strong vibe of jealousy and pain coupled beautifully with “the glare of laburnum.” 💖

  8. Powerful voice here, very effective with that “reek of his finger”….
    You made me look up “laburnum”.

  9. Wonderful! Love the nuanced layers that are delicious – to say nothing of intriguing. The kind of poem that – if one lingers, for a time – will lead you in, yet another, direction.

  10. “the reek / of his finger” — that’s great. In the eyes and mind of the watcher, even mere touch reeks. Nice job.

  11. kaykuala

    Yellow flowers despite being poisonous can still be beautiful when in bloom. Yes, good choice Bjorn!


  12. you have used laburnum as a metaphor for the poison of jealousy! Beautifully succint with your poetic paintrbrush

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  14. At first I couldn’t decide whether it was a loving scene or a chilling one. I had to look up laburnum and discovered it’s seeds are poisonous. Also, glare and reek led me to feel the foreboding.

  15. I can feel the anguish of seeing one held so close, the poison running through the veins of betrayal of sorts.

    You seem to be a master of darkness these days. I feel the darkness in an altered reality.

  16. Lovely, the way you combine the flower of golden rain, with rain and pain. You are not only clever but so talented. This was delightful to read.

  17. Some wonderful contrasts and juxtapositions in this. I had to look up laburnum – which I discovered is a golden ornamental with poisonous seeds … After that: ‘the glare of laburnum’, quite blew me away.

  18. kaykuala

    but the glare of laburnum,
    and his arms
    with your laughter

    A ladies’ voice can be hurtful. More hurting if there is a semblance of feelings between them and the lady is with someone else then


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