Never the flowers

It was never the fragrance of flowers
but the bullies and the browning of leaves,
decay from the odor of urine and sweat;
smothered in wetness of wool — I survived;

but I grew into parties and twilight
when essenced in lilac anointed with last
night’s tobacco and beer on my collar;
returning I laughed, branded with lipstick of hers;

we aged into flickering incense of resins
while fingers tangoed in code on the keyboards
into candlelight evenings exploring together
the tannins of wine and sleekness of skin.

Now, sustaining in silvery smell of paychecks,
we wait for the evening to settle,
to sluggish sensation of blackbirds, forgetting
the past of succulent turmoil — we linger.

Still life with fruit basket and game by Frans Snyders

This is a poem I wrote for a poetry workshop a few weeks ago. This is linked to Open Link Night at dVerse that I host. We open at 9 PM CET.

Also linking up to Tuesday platform with toads

May 17, 2018

35 responses to “Never the flowers

  1. I like how you created these vibrant and succinct images from different stages of life. My favorite line “while fingers tangoed in code on the keyboards.” The four stanzas reminded me of the four seasons too.

  2. I admire the sensory smells and the emotions captured by your verses Bjorn ~ That workshop was worth it basing on today’s output – it creates an impact on the reader head on ~

  3. I love the way the different scents rise from each stanza Bjorn, and how you grow older with each stanza. Those autumn smells remind me of my schooldays and the smell of last night’s tobacco and beer remind me of my teenage years. .

  4. I love the way you associate these scents to the seasons in your life and how it is you who lingers. It sounds like an interesting workshop you attended :o)

  5. Your writing is thick, your verbs are heavy and expressive, and your adjectives are always surprising. I enjoy reading your writings. Keep putting pen to paper!

  6. A lovely poem, full of well chosen words, I got several takes as I read it. I wasn’t sure about the sluggishness of blackbirds? But love the …linger.

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