Now it’s ashes, kept:
burned your letters
afterwards —

your essence,
attar, frankincense — left
in the hollow of my pillow,
a single strand of hair.
I fell asleep with you…     again.

A single strand of hair
in the hollow of my pillow

Attar, frankincense, left
your essence

Burned your letters —
now it’s ashes (kept).

Ashes by Edvard Munch

Palindrome poem… just a small one for Marian at toads. I will link up at Poetry Pantry with this tomorrow.

35 responses to “Ashes

  1. This palindrome is like the letter we keep writing to the one who left us however long ago. Surely we will get it right someday. Well done!

  2. It’s bittersweet… the memory that forever lingers in our mind even after the letters have burned away. A most poignant palindrome, Bjorn!

  3. kaykuala

    It lives in memory despite having turned into ashes. Emotions do overwhelm! Great palindrome, Bjorn!


  4. A love affair that leaves such strong memories that last a life time will as I know always return to haunt you so the palindrome works so very well here with the dual feleing of regret and longing that hurts so much.

  5. Love this mesmerizing form. As I am not familiar with the palindrome poem, I appreciate the introduction to it. It seems to me, you nailed it. This is fab!

  6. Keeping the ashes…it’s something we all do at one time or other with the relationships we burn. Sooner or later, however, even the ashes weigh us down, so we scatter them. It’s time to move on.

  7. A nice pleasant read, Bjorn. It reads very well both ways, like reading it twice. And I was there both times.

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  9. Very interesting to read your palindrome. I wouldn’t have come to your poetry without the ping from was it a car on the the palindrome I posted.

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