Scent of cardamom

This scent of cardamom;
This tender tickling,
touch of butterflies and worms,
This lashing rain and pepper symphonies
This silence and
the way they talk about me
with their fluorescent tongues.
It can’t be madness,
but a slow perception, jellyfish or mud
making sense from senses
synthesize or draw conclusions
from voids and vacuum.
No, no, no it can’t be madness
this scent of cardamom.

For Kerry’s prompt on madness at toads. I’m now on 18 poems for the month of April working on my backlog.
April 23, 2018

18 responses to “Scent of cardamom

  1. OMG now the scent of cardamon will never be the same. A spice i luv a lot for in its hints of the exotic

    Great poem Björn; very impressive


  2. Well this sure hits home. You know I have major paranoia issues. 🙂

    This is my favorite line: “This tender tickling”

  3. Mad moonlight works this way, filtering, fluttering and fluting the senses (gorgeous details Bjorn), like Ariel drawing us to conclusions which can only be mad. Very well done.

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