Gather me a brimming basket
collect the dew on spider’s web
hoard the hoarfrost,
amass and store
a scent of birdsong,
spice of spring,
my childhood tadpoles and
the sound in seashells.

Garner me my memories and
let them loose
inside this empty room.

For Lilian hosting Quadrille at dVerse. The word is gather

32 responses to “Cornucopia

  1. A cornucopia of memories……..I especially like the scent of birdsong and childhood tadpoles. 🙂 Love your response to the prompt!

  2. You’ve got all the seasons in one basket, Bjorn! I love that you have used so many different synonyms for gather and the rich image of all the memories set loose in an empty room.

  3. What a delightful contrast you effectively portray between the whole poem and the last line. It’s sad, in a way, how the narrator considers himself empty now without the memories of his past, but also joyous to know that he has them, that they are not lost.

  4. Excellent gathering. If only we could gather these things and keep them in our cupboards and when we open the doors see them exactly as they were. What joy. I have a seashell from Florida and I can still hear the sea in it.

  5. How fitting, the title, as your lines craft its varied contents. Love especially your closing:

    “Garner me my memories and
    let them loose
    inside this empty room.”

  6. kaykuala

    Garner me my memories and
    let them loose
    inside this empty room.

    How wonderful to be able to reminisce on the good moments of the past.


  7. The last lines about letting your memories loose into an empty room- that was nice. This poem reminded me of the overwhelming feeling that I sometimes get when looking at an old photo album.

  8. Björn, I see the last lines differently than some. The empty room is, in my reading, neither a room nor a happy, sentimental place. A lonely, empty heart seeking healing. The poet’s voice spoke to me in a different timber. But even heart hurt and heart longing makes for beautiful poetry.

  9. a collection of memories beautifully penned, super cool idea to let them loose in an empty room, where they can run havoc, love the use of the words all synonyms with gather,

  10. Terrific piece – like others, the collecting of childhood memories are fine images that take me back – Liked the last melancholy line – what is it that memories do, other than fill this empty present, this room, this life?

  11. This makes me think of aging and of how much more precious our memories become with each passing year. So lovely, and yet there’s something so haunting and, as Peter says, melancholic about that empty room at the end.

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