Dear Childhood,

I know you always run beside me, barefoot, pointing
at another flower, asking what it’s called.
There are times, I miss that courage that I had to ask,
instead of telling off. that the dandelions
don’t belong on lawns, and blowing fluff is not allowed.

My child, I wish I could fall asleep like you; at will,
instead of counting heartbeats when I need my sleep.
I wish that I could climb in trees, peek-a-boo,
or giggle at a word like pee or poo. I sense your
disappointment… growing up is not accumulating
birthday-gifts, but every day between…

My child, I wish that you will never be adult,
and walk beside me, barefoot, giggling at
the absence of my tedious jokes.

For Karin at toads. A letter of sorts.

22 responses to “Childhood

  1. This resonates.
    The child of me still lives inside, tis a shame I have to hide her…
    Anna :o]

  2. Oh my gosh, B. This is the cutest thing EVER!!! It makes my heart so happy to read this letter … especially “… or giggle at a word like pee or poo.” 🙂

  3. I am so glad I allow my child to travel with me. I had a wonderful childhood and to be honest, I am reluctant to send it away. Is this a pic of you? You were so cute. 😊

  4. Oh, wonderful evocation of both the wonder and (lovely) silliness of childhood. it brings back such nice memories for me, not only of my own childhood but also of being the older sister of a “little brother” and later the mum of two little boys.

  5. Nice persoective, Bjorn. I believe there is a bit if boy in every man, and as well, a bit of small girl in every lady. I have toys, Mrs. Jim has some dolls. I do think, though, that the new toy for ladies is the portable computer. Mostly gaming.

  6. This is beautifully tender and heartfelt! How I wish we did’nt have to leave our childhood behind. That picture of you is adorable! 😊

  7. Sweet and tender. Wish we would keep that child like spirit intact, that sense of enchantment, that excitement for the smallest of things … adulthood comes with way too many complications…
    But I guess it’s up to us to keep nurturing our inner child.
    Loved this one Bjorn.

  8. This is so gorgeous. It does pay for adults to be more child-like sometimes. We filter too much and can be too polite. Directness can cause insult, but equally it can create fun and laughter. Get back to blowing dandelions.

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