19 responses to “Still too pale

  1. A beautiful way to say winter will not let go! Do you even have time to tan in the summer, Bjorn? (Just joking with you.) Where I am from in the US it’s still snowing (northern Indiana.) Nice words!

  2. I like how the first four lines feel like an incantation — like you’re telling the spirits (or a cold woman) what to do to you.

  3. Indeed, March sun can sometimes be fool’s gold. We’re a smidge warmer here in Seattle, but I can relate to your chill all too well.

  4. Vividly described! And makes me glad all over again that I no longer live so far from the Equator.

  5. Oh yes, we had a couple of decent days, but Old Man Winter still has a tight grip on the calendar. The succinctness make me feel the biting cold more.

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