Life and love of Slugman

They were mutants; all with superpowers.
Each unique at Xavier’s institute.
Having strength of storm and agile bones to stretch,
or flesh of fire to ignite at will, they had able bodies
muscles and they all prepared to save the world.

But in a corner there sat Slugman; slow and slimy;
a shameful glob of goo. His strength was the disgust
of mush and stench or
making villains slip on snot he oozed behind.

Slugman wished that he could have a single
pimple just to make his problems simple.
He wished to smell a bit like Wolfman’s sweat
instead he stinks of pus and gangrene.
Slugman wished his skin would stretch across
his muscles instead of wrinkle on his spongy belly.

But when the Viperheaded Supervixen villain came,
to draw the blood from super-students at the institute
she stumbled over Slugman who was far
too slow to flee and Supervixen — she got stuck,
and suffocated when she slithered on the
Slugman’s unabated mucus.

And Slugman was promoted first class superhero
and his sludge was canned and used
for slimebombs, goo to go and sludge to fight.
and Slugman found his Snailgirl;
the moved into her mobile home and if there’s ever
any happy after they’ve been giving life to cuddly urchins.

Large Slug

Today Lilian asks us to think about the words – superhero, super power(s) at dVerse. Write a poem, any form and any length, about something or someone or some characteristic related to these words. I decided to write a piece of narrative from the world of Marvel with the hero Slugman.

March 13 2018

20 responses to “Life and love of Slugman

  1. 😆 Still, as intriguing as your glob of goo may ultimately be, I’m going to still go with Gambit as my favorite, the N’awlins gambler who threw explosive cards. I like the happy trailer ending with snail girl and a bunch of little urchins!

  2. I love the contrast between the mutants with
    ‘…strength of storm and agile bones to stretch,
    or flesh of fire to ignite at will, they had able bodies
    muscles and they all prepared to save the world’
    and Slugman, slow and limy in the corner, ‘a shameful glob of goo’, disgusting villains into submission! And there is such vile yuckiness in the way Supervixen ‘suffocated when she slithered on his unabated mucus!

  3. Ha! Here in the Pacific Northwest we are known for our sticky slugs. Souvenirs can be T-shirts, glass, ceramic, books, even a festival. Stepping on one barefoot is sublimely yucky. I’m glad to hear of a Superhero Slugman!

  4. So funny. Love the imagination in this. Slugman had to come to rescue at some point. 🙂

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