For the stars (if anyone cares)

I sense it:
the void I am filling
with sixty percent water,
some average bones
(more solid than air);
yet my thinking is silent
and dreams are much more
than the void I am filling.

I sense it:
gravitation of blood
pulled by the soil
but my thinking is weightless
escaping earth for the stars.

Starry Night by Edward Munch

My (short) one sided conversation for Kerry at toads. I used 55 words so this works for hedge as well.

February 23, 2018

17 responses to “For the stars (if anyone cares)

  1. Beautiful soar to this one, Bjorn–I am sensing it too–the dream connection, the flight across space and time we begin each time our head hits the pillow, and that when we are lucky, we touch the edges of awake. Thanks for playing 55, and have a kickass weekend.

  2. I too sensed it, Bjorn. Nice to read too. The void your writer was filling and biw keaving may hold me for a bit longer.

  3. weightless thinking … beautiful. I love where you took dreams, in this stunning and contemplative piece.

  4. I totally agree with Wendy. 60% water and son average bones. Your dreams seem to stretch out far beyond the blue horizon. The meditative feeling about it is do it on.

  5. How well you capture that bemused sense of self – halfway between earth and the ether, dreaming of stars.

    Wonderful… full of wonder.

  6. a meditation-mediation on the otherness of expanse – and expansion is borne of the wings of the contraction of solid weight and matter –

    yet I willfully slip into these words and am carried across the heavens, into an eternity …. and am content and at peace –

    this is just amazing …

  7. “but my thinking is weightless escaping earth for the stars”… this is absolutely breathtaking!💖💖

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