February Monday

Another February Monday.

Streets are grey with slush and water seeping through my shoes. On the the subway I am sandwiched between an elderly lady with a flu so bad I imagine that her lungs will end up on the floor and a man shouting in his Iphone.

I’m nauseous from the scent of wet wool and check my calendar: meetings back to back with only 20 minutes left to grab my lunch.

The weekend has withered and my only focus is survival when suddenly my mobile vibrates.

“Can we meet tonight?”

I smile, a February Monday can also bloom.

The metaphor of the rose and a withered weekend came to me easily. For once I’m writing romance, which is a bit out my comfort zone. February I know well on the other hand.

Rochelle keep us together and gives us a new picture that we can write to. Hundred words is the only rule, together we are Friday Fictioneers.

February 21, 2018

60 responses to “February Monday

  1. I like the upbeat ending very much and terribly relieved we got away from the horrific imagery of the LUNGS – and great to be reminded what a difference a message can make! Good story.

  2. I know all about coughing, but writing romance is beyond me. I thought you turned the situation round lovely, you did great,

  3. What do you mean romance is out of your comfort zone???? Who writes romantic poetry at the slightest provocation? I like the contrast in this between the ghastly subway journey and the promise of roses. By the way I found a comment of yours in my spam folder. I have released it but don’t know where it went. Apologies for not replying, but at least it has gone where it was intended 🙂

  4. Lovely how that one short message can make life less unbearable.
    Great take, Bjorn. Really liked your true to life story

  5. Dear Björn,

    You set the scene so well on the subway. The bleakness was tangible and I wanted to move away from the woman with the flu. Ugh. But the ending is a sweet payoff. Well done.



  6. What a perfect — that is, perfectly dismal — portrayal of a February Monday! And how lovely that his was interrupted by a little unexpected sunshine. Nicely done!

  7. So reminded me of when I was sick on the plane, trying so hard to keep my coughing to a minimum and into a tissue… the other passengers were surely not happy to have me there. What to do? You buy your vacation a year in advance, I was not going to miss it!
    And I love your flip at the end… you closet romantic, you!

  8. You handled romance well, Björn! Captured the way a single text with a promise of meeting the significant other, can raise one’s mood from thoughts of survival to a feeling of blooming.

  9. That subway journey sounds horrendous. You pin down the mundane so well that the happy ending brings a smile to our faces. Love it.

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