Midway in my thoughts

The ground is covered in snow, meringue hills undulates in soft shades of white and light grey. The sky is covered in milky clouds and the snow swarms around us like moths. The sound of our skies is muffled by the soft snow. We have not talked for the last few hours, and I have daydreamed, projecting colors on ink-washed background.

Yesterday the sky was blue, with razored shadows. Today it’s filled with fantasy.

I stop and ask you if it’s time for lunch. You nod and put your backpack down, We bring out our shovels and dig ourselves a hole. We are midway and before us lay unbroken snow. There are still some thoughts to think before we reach the cabin for the night.

from left to right
pawprints of a wolverine —
sound of water

I prompt the haibun Monday at dVerse and the topic is grey. Join us with your thought on grey.

47 responses to “Midway in my thoughts

  1. I find the metaphor of the ‘razored shadows’ very powerful and interesting contrast to the white canvas that dominates this piece.

  2. I love the idea of grey being midway between thoughts, Björn. Your greys are soft, swarming like moths. I also love: ‘I have daydreamed, projecting colors on ink-washed background..

  3. I love your tales of snow hiking. It really does seem to be a meditation in the silence for hours, the sound of the skies against the snow. The haiku is simply stunning. I love it – the tracks of wolverines. Absolutely stunning.

  4. companionship where thoughts are foremost and silence is treasured – and physical exertion will be rewarded with a warm, blazing fire sounds lovely! My husband loves to snowshoe – I do too, but he goes three times my pace 🙂

  5. It is beautiful the way snow turns everything shades of gray and white.Your hike sounds like a cold one. Hope you reached the cabin before dark!

  6. Lovely evocation of place – love the meringue of snow covering. Also liked the ambiguity (at least I read it as such) of the travelling in silence – is it companionable or have they argued and a long silent day stretches ahead. V. nice.

  7. Such companionable silence between people is rare. Intrigued (not knowing anything about snow) that a hole had to be dug into it so to make lunch! The meditative qualities of such hikes are described well and rings a chord. The untouched snow ahead – the journey yet to to be traveled. A beautiful haiku!

  8. Born I read this several times. From the meringue landscape to razored shadows and the meandering thoughts along an as yet finished trail; all the winter feelings.

  9. “Still some thoughts to think” says so much about walking in a snowy wilderness…been a long time since I’ve done that but your haibun took me there.

  10. Love the rich and vibrant imagery in your haiban especially; “Yesterday the sky was blue, with razored shadows. Today it’s filled with fantasy.”💖

  11. I love the vividness of the imagery and the idea of finding a sharp sort of clarity when you allow your mind the stillness or a world when it’s blanketed in snow.

  12. I so wanted to be with you trekking throughthe snow then I remembered the years that that I lived in the Northern hemisphere and recoiled at once remembering driving in snow blocked country roads without chains! But apart from that your poem was such a delight and I loved every word!

  13. pawprints of a wolverine —
    sound of water

    There were still the living creatures around to accompany the water sounds!


  14. This is so lovely and descriptive–the razor shadows one day; the fantasy the next. I liked this line, too: “and I have daydreamed, projecting colors on ink-washed background.” I can imagine that if I ever ski-hiked (which I never would 🙂 ) I would be doing the same thing.

  15. You paint an exquisite, meditative grey. I love the “meringue hills” and “snow swarms…like moths”. Thanks for letting us follow your trail.

  16. “The sky is covered in milky clouds and the snow swarms around us like moths. The sound of our skies is muffled by the soft snow.”

    This paints such a vivid picture. I felt like I was there in the hush of snowfall. I rarely encounter the hush of the new snowfall anymore, but when I do, it is always a meditative experience. I enjoyed this walk, Björn.

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  18. Love this. Meringue hills, the soft hiss of skies, the dull monotone world and your silence. This is all so evocative – and cold feeling.

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