Birth of a new nation – an anthem

Hail to the chief,
praise you, protector of wife-beaters, missiles and coal.
Hail to the liars, to foreclosure kings,
and slumlords of faked gilded halls.
Hail to the chief, polluters of rivers,
destroyer of freedom to protest, abuser of girls.
Hail to your corporate pilfers and thieves
and the profit from of guns to destruction of peace.
Hail to division by color and builders of walls.
to the fast food, to fire and fury.
Hail to your faking of news, to the power of bots
Hail to the past of confederate cause.
Hail to the kingpins of twitter, hail the oversized ties.
Hail to the ban of shithole in nations.
Hail to the chief.

Birth of a New Nation by Walter Battiss

Today Brendan wants us to write satire, to vent our anger at toads. Yes it’s disrespectful and it’s meant to be. Will also link up to poetry pantry tomorrow morning.

February 17, 2018

39 responses to “Birth of a new nation – an anthem

  1. Amen! And the shouter of shithole nations has turned his own into one. What new world hath been wrought in this toilet? Thanks for toiling so.

  2. “Hail to your faking of news..” sigh.. yes sadly its common and true. Powerfully written, Bjorn.

  3. Hail to this poem – no sarcasm intended in this case! I truly love it Bjorn. I love it almost as much as I loathe the person it is intended towards. Huzzah!

  4. You paint a grim picture, here – but that IS the picture. No one ever emerged victorious, pussyfooting around someone goosestepping in jack boots.

  5. Whew – this took my breath away. Even you in Sweden know! Protector of wife beaters, missiles, and coal! The kingpin of twitter has an exaggerated opinion of himself, and he has turned OUR nation into a ‘shithole nation’ unlike any he has indicated he despised. Grim truth. Powerful fare.

  6. Love it Bjorn. About the only omission is can find is in reference to the R U S S I A N S. It’s my bedtime but after reading your comment I had to come. Very much satire. Mine is also political, it may tend to be Fake News more so than satire, you can help judge. But it was a fun write, needing to be said. Yours also needed to be said, all his horrid aspects listed in one piece of writing. Thank you.

  7. Not sure if this causes more consternation or constipation! Haha!
    Thank gods not all of us hail them, but none so blind as those that won’t see.

  8. I like these sections:

    “praise you, protector of wife-beaters, missiles and coal” … I think of the shirt, though.

    “Hail to your faking of news, to the power of bots
    Hail to the past of confederate cause.”

    That is a very interesting piece of artwork. I’m so glad you shared it.

    It puts a new spin on A River Runs Through It. 🙂

    Have you seen that movie?

  9. I am sure we had a contented laugh about the words we wished came from our pens too as we see the harm being done to a great nation, but what we all want to see (including us from foreign climes) is action to put things right before it is too late and the world we knew was faulty becomes irreparably broken.

  10. Bjorn, Hail to you! You’ve written what so many of us want to say. while I had fun reading this, it highlighted even more for me, how pathetic your subject is and how sad that his followers are blind to him.

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