Lowest slow

When you see the woods
And world in purple
Or when creatures
Soft in their solitude —
Disturbed by caws of fowls.
It’s not impossible —
A cause is pink of pills
And lacking sleep
In your lowest slow of summer

Purple Leaves by Georgia O’Keeffe

Today Jilly is guest prompting at dVerse MTB. We are asked to respond to another Poets poem, and mine is a response to Emily Dickenson... Obviously being a bit flippant on her poem (sorry for that).

January 18, 2018

25 responses to “Lowest slow

  1. Her poem would sound like something written by a hippie on acid if it was written today. That’s an ideal response. I liked the pink of pills. He poem makes me wonder what she was smoking that day

  2. She does have a gloriously weird way with words. I hope it was all from her own brain and she wasn’t hitting the opium bottle. 😉 Nicely done, you captured the trance-like quality of her poem.

  3. I love Em D for her hypnotic verse and Bjorn you mimicked it perfectly with a very contemporary twist. using the purple wood to link the two in my mind’s eye they are like a twin stanza.

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