After the coma

Through the curtains I hear voices, pink as candy-floss.
Is this my merry-go-round? Future, present or my past?

An angel approaches, her wings are broken but her hair is gold.

“Are you awake, sweetie?” — she watches from above.
“Xylophone” — I mutter.
“Of course” — she sighs nonplussed.

I have memories. Shards of glass inside a kaleidoscope, turning and transforming. Speeding down the highway, sound of engines, smell of failing brakes.

“Veronica” — I whisper.

The angel strokes my brow, bend her head towards me.
I feel the warmth of her lips against mine.
Is this an end, or a new beginning?

The picture really had something dreamlike in it, and I imagine this to be the type of memory you would have after waking from a coma.

Rochelle selects the picture, we try to find a story somewhere in it and capture it in 100 words. Join the challenge if you dare.

87 responses to “After the coma

  1. I know what you mean about the dreamlike quality. I’m glad you ran with that. If he’s waking from a coma, I wonder if it’s a new beginning. I liked the kaleidoscope imagery. Made me think of a shattering windshield.

  2. Definitely has that groggy waking up feel. It made me think of The Dead Zone, where the protagonist goes into a coma after a visit to the fair…

  3. Beautifully written. I had her as dead and in heaven rather than waking from a coma but once pointed in that direction I can see it. I agree there was a dreamlike quality to the picture and the way you wrote it made me think of looking through a mist.

  4. Love the dreamlike way you took the prompt. I slipped past the title on my first read, but catching it makes all the difference. What a terrifying thing to wake up from.

      • From personal experience, there is an ‘unreal’ quality to reality. I was medical coma’d for 4 days… I could hear the world around me, couldn’t see it, tried to call out when in pain but couldn’t…. it was like being trapped in helle…and I mean that in the worst way. Needless to say, I now have a DNR order tucked in my wallet at all times, and a tat on my chest (only tat).

  5. You paint the broken and disjointed thoughts and memories of waking so well. I’m holding out for a new beginning.

  6. Have you heard about my NuCompanion device? It is a companion for creative people who tend to stick to themselves and don’t talk much. Also, but haven’t tested it yet, for people in coma.

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