Turn of tide

Social science — solstice
sinew, blood and bones. My skin.
I sense my so called life trickled into noiseless pools
of thought.
Sewing self, be stitched together
be embroidered ember
I’m sitting thinking cloudless sky,
reflected in the the glass: my denseness
this enduring pace
this endearing place.

I toggle thoughts from craven craves.
to fierce and fire
to lust of last and less than more

Today I’m brought the light,
a turn of tide.
to stop at setting sun —
dripping tripping skeletons
kissing pensive thighs
this blast of bell ungrip my heart.

Karin treats us to the process of writing starting just from a letter at toads. I wrote this earlier today starting from the letter s. Just some small editing afterwards.
December 22, 2017

9 responses to “Turn of tide

  1. There are some very intriguing word combinations in this poem, Bjorn. I especially like “this enduring pace / this endearing place” and “Today I’m brought the light, / a turn of tide.” Wonderful!

  2. Embroidered ember is such a beautiful image and beautiful sounding and it is in your second language! I felt the solstice strongly today and felt it in your poem. Thank god for the thighs! Wonderful jumps. K.

  3. I love this. 🙂

    the way the title feeds into the first line, the “My So Called Life” TV show reference (which heavily influences my interpretation), the straight-up lusty version I felt through the first few readings, the Harry Potter/Dumbledore/pensieve version I saw later, sooo many phrases and descriptors (too many to quote), the excellent sound throughout, the line breaks

    Well done, evocative piece.

  4. Your first line made me grin. I love the sound of those words said together. So much rhythm. Not only on that first line, but in “Sewing self” and “denseness/senseless”, and that glorious ending bursting with b’s.

  5. Some intriguing word play in this and the images took me from here to there and made me wonder about the story. The sewing self and stitching together stood out for me

  6. Beautiful!❤ I love the lilt and cadence of this poem, especially “I’m sitting thinking cloudless sky, reflected in the the glass: my denseness
    senseless this enduring pace this endearing place.” 🙂

  7. Gosh, I cannot say how much I love the way the lines flow – the timing and pacing is really perfect.. and the final stanza: sublime.

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