With thousand tongues

He licked his lips
and sipped with greed
the youth he’d lost.

“My heart is cold,
                it’s rock”;

he smirked; he groped;
and took because he could;
his might was weight —
coercing silence:

“It’s how
                it’s done…”

… until she told
with thousand tongues.

Rape of Proserpine by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Given all the terrible stories that are shared of misconduct be men against women I struggle with expressing my disgust as a man. This is an effort in poetry.

Today it’s Quadrille at dVerse, with Mish hosting. The word that has to be included in the poem is rock and as usual the poem has to have exactly 44 words.

November 20, 2017

33 responses to “With thousand tongues

  1. Bjorn, this was wonderfully written and very effective. I very much got the effect like he was “sipping” away her life and autonomy, ignoring her pleas and “groping because he could” making your message clear along with the well chosen pic of the statue.

  2. This is awesome. The third line was so unexpected. I love the way the title flows into the first line but then also works as the last line, with what precedes it. Excellent piece; perfect rhythm and flow.

  3. Nicely written bjorn.

    Sad reality. Abusers/takers come in all shapes and sizes, but use their power to take what is not theirs. It is stomach turning. I have been on the back end of many of these moments with teenagers — picking up the pieces in the after.

  4. “With thousand tongues” is like a foreshadowing of a divine justice, even a damnation. Like a thousand times a thousand lashes upon whichever body part benefited from the act, and each lash is in slow motion, lasting a thousand years each. Nice job.

  5. It would be nice to think something will change, but I fear that it’s a case of thousands telling what they know happens to them, to thousands of thousands who already know fine well because there are doing it.

  6. The ME TOO movement sheds light on your metaphors–putting me in mind of Leonard Cohens A THOUSAND KISSES DEEP. I like your lines /his might was weight/coercing silence/.

  7. And then there are those who are “me too-ing” for the attention it will get them, the feeling of being part of something. there will be a back lash on this, sure as shit.

  8. I think that this is a fine piece of poetry. All injustices cause pain, all those things that happen that are beyond our control that shouldn’t really have happened, and we walk forwards, this is an acknowledgement of injustice. Acknowledgement supports healing, peace and forgiveness.

  9. You have made an impact with 44 words. Wow.
    Power is so often the culprit of nasty deeds. Maybe we have to look at why. What are so many souls lacking that they have to wallow in their own power to the detriment of others? I don’t believe anything changes til we get to the source.

  10. So good – very much liked ‘his might was weight —
    coercing silence: “It’s how it’s done…” For all the thousands of words to be written on this – poets can still do it with only 44.

  11. It is a powerful piece and I’m right with you on what needs to happen…however, when the president of the ‘free world’ is known to harass sexually and continues to walk through the corridors of power untouched, then the problem is deeply rooted. It might take some time still.

  12. …and Pandora’s box was opened and a thousand tongues were released! And hopefully, now, “was” is the operant word.
    Well done application to the news of the last week or so. Rather than a drip drip drip, it has released a deluge.

  13. “It’s how it’s done until she told
    with thousand tongues.

    While aggression is good but to a point, it is the technique that wins the day. And he must be told off in so many words so that he’ll behave.in future!


  14. Nothing to “LIKE” about such boorish lust but thank you for this…there are real gentlemen in the world yet but maybe NOT in Hollywood.

  15. Thank you for tackling this issue, so many are coming forward with their stories. I wonder how many more we will hear. The hidden secret is out and who will be accountable?

  16. Hero of the day, Master Bjorn. Yes, let us men be always respectful. It all begins from the heart — one unpetrified from lust and pride and selfishness.

  17. You have expressed this so well, Bjorn – chapeau! Those opening lines almost sound like the licking of lips! How many tongues must be loosened to get to the truth and justice!

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