Pretending to believe

As Ouroboros, beginning biting ends,
we satellite in

Waiting is pretending to believe
we can stargaze
                        future into truth.

You and me; a space-time curvature —
a gravity of nebulae
                        across the parsecs

of this silenced room:
                        Will you dance with me?

Credit: ESA/Hubble; NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

Lillian hosts dVerse Poetics tonight at dVerse and gives you three pictures from the Hubble telescope to choose from. If you do: please include credits exactly as indicated in the prompt.

November 7, 2017

25 responses to “Pretending to believe

  1. Well, it ends well. Dancing always makes things better.

    The title is quite evocative.

    Each of the stanzas could be a in themselves. I wonder could hope or despair survive without each other? Would we know the depths of either without first tasting the other.

    Waiting as pretending, instead of doing something about it. Someone has to walk across the dancefloor and ask the question/take the risk…or there is never

    the dance.

  2. …waiting is pretending to believe…and then a space-time curvature….you and me, pretending to believe…Perhaps “will you dance with me?” is the greater question here? Shall we pretend to believe, or shall we join in movement together and be? Much to think about with this one, Bjorn.

  3. That curvature wraps us in a garment of mystery. There is so much we can’t fathom. It all makes us sense how small we are and joy is to be found dancing here in the present moment.

  4. I love the way you hid words inside of words.
    Our “O” borrows.
    We sat, elite in .. ho-pee/De’s pear. (hee hee; just kidding)
    You and me … a gravity of never-lie / a-cross the par sex.

    Then at the end, I see “silenced room-will” (or maybe you’re talking to a guy named Will). But it could be that the room is death (because of the will that’s been written). I think the speaker is taking the life of a cancer patient when he asks, “Will you dance with me?”

  5. Waiting is pretending to believe? Searching for the truth beyond death is there life. Will you dance me into the light? Yes, I would dance under the stars believing time is “now”…

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  7. Oh yes, dancing with stars or dancing with the one you love –
    ‘…a space-time curvature —
    a gravity of nebulae
    across the parsecs’.
    Wonderful, Bjorn!

  8. Familiar lingo indeed, feels homey here. Stargazing future into truth makes interesting reading, since, in a way, we are looking at the stars’ past, not even their present. Curvature of spacetime … and now in real particles. Exciting era for science. 😉

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