My kicks are muted —
falling into water and
how the gravel whisper
under wheels.

I say hello,
to those who walk their dogs;
it’s a habit —
bicycling to work,
part it’s pride of being fit,
part the pain of being wet.

A second offering for De at dVerse. Also linking to toads.

November 6, 2017

27 responses to “Muted

  1. There is a nice rhythm to your words.
    I rather had a fun thought of your “kicks” or shoes being muted leaves.

    I tend to talk to just about anyone I meet – not that I am fit,
    I am just like the dog that will follow you around til you pet me.

  2. Well you know me (very well). So you know there’s only one way I can read “wet.” Do you really do that on your way to work? 🙂

  3. I love picturing you riding to work, our bicycle leaves turning through the sodden leaves….and perhaps some leaves stuck to the tires as you finally arrive 🙂

  4. In today’s world with no time to exercise its good to cycle and enjoy the life on the way.

  5. I like the image of ‘muted kicks’ .. there is wistfulness here with reference to wet weather.. especially love; “how the gravel whisper under wheels.”💞 Beautifully penned.

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