Not another apidestra

Alone — a jardiniere without its aspidistra.
Abigail sighed.
Herbert had not been the best catch in the pond, but he had left her.
She should have ended it instead.
She had brain and looks.
Great figure — Herbert had paid for the boob job though.
Wonderful hair — thank you Herbert for the hair extensions.
Shoes and dresses — on Herbert’s credit card.

No time to sulk.
She applied the makeup carefully.
Smiling she still looked like twentytwo. Genes and botox in perfect symbiosis.

Time to plant another bulb. Maybe this time she would find someone who would bloom.

Seeing the title on Sarah Ann’s picture I googled around and found that these pots are probably from Burmantofts pottery, and are pots to be used for the ever popular Apidestra of Victorian homes. A pot without its plant sounds incomplete to me….

Friday Fictioneers is led by Rochelle who give us the prompt. We write stories in 100 words and hopefully they are all very different.

November 1, 2017

55 responses to “Not another apidestra

  1. Dear Björn

    The trouble with all of that cosmetic surgery is that as the person ages, they take on a macabre look. Abigail’s beauty isn’t even skin deep, is it? No wonder Herman left. Men beware. Well done.



  2. Oh dear, Poor Abigail. Not merely has she not been loved for herself, she doesn’t even know that’s what will make her happy. She has a lot to learn.
    You tell the tale well, Bjorn. What an entertaining metaphor, that the man is the aspidistra in the woman’s decorative pot! I’m not sure I’m flattered!

  3. Interesting write on the prompt, Bjorn. I thought they were handmade pottery wine or decorative gobblets from an artist who had a huge imagination. Thanks for adding the meaning from your google search. A writer and researcher all in one. Nicely done …
    Isadora 😎

  4. I love that opening line, so strong and letting us know Abigail’s situation straight off. At least she has taken all Herbert offered and used it to great effect. Hopefully the next bulb will bloom and grow strong.

  5. Interesting take on the photo, B. Gave new meaning to the story when I looked after reading. And, while you googled, I had to go to the dictionary to see what Apidestra meant.

  6. Love how you spun this prompt round so that it represents their relationship, her hopes for the future, and her feeling of emptiness now he’s gone. Bravo Bjorn

  7. Nicely done, Bjorn. She seems quite fatalistic about life although there is the sense she’d rather she had left him than the other way around. I wonder how her next victim ill fare

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