Light a candle

You may sense my deep drawn sighs
as yet a graveyard draught
but I just crave your kind attention
a candle for my forgotten grave.
My father used to shut the door
and tell me that he loved me too
And I was silent as my belly grew
a baby girl was born with flaming eyes.
Then overwhelmed with shame
I drowned her in the pond below
and hanged myself on boughs above.
I’m cursed, a sinner and a ghost.
I will leave you, let you hate me
just light a candle on my baby’s grave.

Grave of a suicide victim by Wilhelm Kotarbinski

A second offering for my Halloween prompt at dVerse. Give a voice to the monster.
October 31, 2017

20 responses to “Light a candle

  1. Oh Björn, so sad yet so excellent. I hope the father never rids himself of shame – but no doubt he does.
    Anna :o]

  2. What a haunted twisted tale you weave. More scary and sAD for its reality. With that much anguish its no wonder she is still around haunting

  3. Good Lord that is dark. Poor girl indeed. Compelling write. Had me hanging on every word until I was just left hanging with the tragic girl.

  4. A haunting tale – wonderfully rendered. This has a story-telling cadence to it, that works so beautifully with the content/

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