They called me birdbrain.
I was their punchbag and aunt Sally.
I tried my best to be complacent.
All in vain — they left me shipwrecked to my failures.
I remember every name and every word they said.
They are all complicit, and I have kept a tab on them.

Stockpiling the chemicals I’m ready now.
I attach the last of the wires to the pressure cookers.

Tomorrow it’s reunion and they are all confirmed.
I know that they will tell me how they really liked me,
maybe some will show remorse.

But for them …
   it will be too late.

This picture really gave me some challenge, but if nothing else works go for the creepy.

Rochelle gives us the picture and we write. Friday Fictioneers is a great way to increase your writing skill. Join us.

October 11, 2017

46 responses to “Birdbrain

  1. Never upset the disenfranchised. They might know how to use explosives.

    As a side note, given the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas about a week-and-a-half ago, this story has a certain relevancy.

  2. This is one angry and damaged narrator. I wonder if he has considered the innocents he will take out with his plan as well. A chilling read.

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