Facing an empty fridge

When you wish to have Champagne
you can be sure that all you find is milk,
but there’s no one else than you to blame
I did not steal the wine, I’m not your ilk.
But sweetie, if you finish cheese and butter
and leave me with your old potatoes,
you can be sure to hear me mutter:
I will eat your salad and tomatoes.

Refrigerator by Alex Colville

Lillian hosts at dVerse and want us to write poetry about refrigerators, its content etc. Join us.

October 10, 2017

26 responses to “Facing an empty fridge

  1. I am laughing out loud! At the illustration and the post. I sure don’t want anyone’s old potatoes….although, sometimes that’s all there is! 🙂 Chuckling I am. I’ll have to look back here and see other’s responses to this one!

  2. It’s early morning here in Australia – and I open my browser and there’s your verse and the hilarious illustration – so good – hope my laughter doesn’t wake the neighbours.

  3. Cats will always perk up when you hold the door to the refrigerator open. Butt so will people in the buff, refueling (?) in the night. Your poem is less about fridges and food than interpersonal relationships — and orneriness in particular. Good job!

  4. I’m literally buying champagne this weekend, for my husband’s birthday! But now your words and that image will join me. Brilliant!

  5. Such fun; love the meter of this. I imagine this fridge-share is going to cause lots of conflict.

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