Anything but home

“This will do, it’s not home but it’s got a roof.”
“How do we get in?”

Jimmy knew the answer.

He could climb.
He could fight the grease and rats of ventilation shafts.
He could pick the locks.

She just had to tell him.
Emily hugged her little brother.

“Please Jimmy, I can help you up on the roof … ”
“No need… I’ll climb myself.”

Anything is better than home.
Anywhere their father wasn’t.
Any place where his cold fingers couldn’t probe.

She watched him scale the fence and disappear into the building when a truck pulled up behind her.

What happens with dilapidated buildings? Who are the squatters? That what what I wonder when I saw the picture. For once I left you with a cliff-hanger. What did really happen afterwards.

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September 27, 2017

56 responses to “Anything but home

  1. Dear Björn,

    Rather eerie piece. I’m confused though…are there three people in this piece. Or did you mean ‘she hugged HER little brother?” Good writing. You do have your own poetic style.



  2. Oh great. Dad showed up.

    Actually, one of my inspirations for what I have in mind was the Boxcar Children, a children’s book series launched in 1924. I remember reading Boxcar Children stories to my kids when they were young.

    What happens when children lose their families (or deliberately leave because of abuse) and they have to take care of themselves?

  3. I am not so dark or pessimistic as the rest of you and actually know a pair of siblings who were in a similar circumstance. The truck belonged to a security guard who rescued the two girls taking them home to his wife who raised them along with het three other kids. Not everything is dark and scary in this world. I am hopeful about the truck because of my two friends.

  4. She climbs the fence quickly and disappears in the building. But whoever is in the car doesn’t give up so easy. I’m hooked already. Intriguing!

  5. That’s a great story, Bjorn. I’m with the optimists; the people in the truck will help.
    BTW are you using ‘truck’ in the US sense, meaning a car sized vehicle with a cab and an area for loads, or the UK sense which would be a large commercial vehicle, a lorry? I read it as a large vehicle, but most of your comments clearly see it as a pick-up. The driver of a large commercial vehicle would be more likely to help, I think.
    I’m impressed by the amount of story you manage to tell in 100 words – so much really important detail!

  6. Scary end – looks like her creepy father has caught up with her. Perhaps Jimmy will help her overcome him. Great atmosphere.

  7. This is so good in a thoroughly depressing way. They have escaped together, but now I see them being separated. You gave us hope of a safer future, and took it away. But maybe the person driving the truck is a nice one.

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