Being garnet

I’m garnet: blood-
red —
a cool gem on fire,
for your gilded fist..

Please chain me sober
with your metal claws
and let me quench my
dangling necklaced —
and rest absolved
between your breast;
being cherry for your lips.

Today Lillian hosts at dVerse and we are supposed to write poetry based on our monthstone. I had always thought that I was amethyst, so being garnet become a pleasant surprise. Join us at 3 PM EST, 9 PM CET when the bar opens.
September 26, 2017

28 responses to “Being garnet

  1. I’m going back to bed. That was so good, I’m cancelling the rest of my day.

    Your line breaks are awesome … and don’t even get me started on that hella kinkalicious imagery! Wow. Even without the erotic bent, though, the writing is just gorgeous.

    But I do love me some cherries, I won’t lie.

  2. You hooked me at putting words /between your breasts/. My birthstone can be ruby red as well. Your erotic bent on poetics these days fog up a lot of glasses; smile.

  3. Interesting visuals in this. Such alluring words cascading from a garnet … an intriguing trajectory.

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