You might still find him,
a hermit hiding,
in the philosophy section,
sipping syllables and tea.

He’s brimming with answers
but lacks the matching questions.
But if you ask him for directions
(or a quote)
he just mumbles: “Why?”

Maybe growing old is
an old encyclopedia
with uncut pages
filled with faded facts.

I never open my encyclopedia any longer

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September 7, 2017

42 responses to “Encyclopedia

  1. Oh! My goodness! This poem is my favorite of yours.
    Indeed, the philosopher can’t understand the simplest of things…
    but, when asking him a question it always leads to ‘Why’?

    “Sipping syllables and tea” That image is avant garde. 🙂

  2. I have almost stopped asking why. It seems it almost doesn’t matter anymore. What will be will be regardless of how many times I ask. I love this Aged Librarian. He is so…..wise.

  3. The Aged Librarian is back! I was at the library this morning and none of the librarians sipped syllable and tea in the philosophy section. Next time I’ll check to see if one might be hiding in the newspaper section. I do like your explanation of growing old, Bjorn!

  4. Well, like everyone else, I love “…sipping syllables and tea…”. It gave me a smile that continued throughout as he mumbled his way through his “faded facts.” Really a fine write, Bjorn.

  5. But if you ask him for directions
    (or a quote) he just mumbles: “Why?”

    Perhaps he thinks everyone should be able to access on their own (without his help) given the myriads of info readily available.


  6. Your eloquent poem just gave me nostalgia pains. I remember being a young boy. My eyes lit up whenever I found out someone had their very own set of encyclopedias. It was a simpler time, before the internet rendered them obsolete.

    Perhaps aging can be seen as a slowly passing into a regal irrelevancy, much like the dusty books I once loved. Excellent poem.

    (I recall the Dewey Decimal System too, but that just confused and infuriated me.)

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