Simple magic

It’s not the way with wands
to will a wistful smile
from gorgeous girls gone cold,
no spell can change her style.
You cannot make her happy
by pulling rabbits from your hat,
or trick her into passion
with a potion cooked from cats.
The only magic that might work
is being sweet and honest:
to bid her to forgive you
and keeping all you promised.

Carlisle Wall (The Lovers) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Paul want us to make it simple today at dVerse Poetics by putting the magic into your poetry. Try to find it in the way you want. Myself I went with a simple rhyme this time.

Join us when the pub opens at 9 PM CET.
September 5, 2017

34 responses to “Simple magic

  1. Great rhymes. And you are so right. Fancy doesn’t stuff doesn’t always get the love of your life but the way to get your love is to:
    “is being sweet and honest:
    to bid her to forgive you
    and keeping all you promised.”
    It seems you speak from experience! 🙂

  2. For you, with simplicity, there is incandescent truth. The magic, like so many other things, is within, residing in the realm of honesty; nice.

  3. Oh how true, Bjorn – men don’t have to perform any kind of magic to win a girl over but a little humour never goes amiss – we like a man who makes us smile (and keeps promises!)..

  4. I do indeed cerebrate this might just workplace 😉
    The only wizard(a) that might workplace
    is being sweet and fair: 🙂 Love this one, especially the crease about keeping promises.

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