Plan to change – Komorebi

I woke up to the sound of raindrops playing on the windowpanes. September comes with either rain or frost, and every morning means you have to think about the way you dress. When bicycling you have to careful. If you dress to warm you will be wet from sweat, if you don’t wear rain clothes you will be soaked. In fall you cannot leave your home without a plan. Will it be late? Then bring the lights. Later when it’s frost, every day is much the same. You dress for cold. I got to work and changed to office clothes, I like the rainy days when shower-rooms are empty. As with every change, the seasons force us into plans.

Maybe by tomorrow I will dress for sun filtering through leaves.

scheming to go south
geese are gathering to skeins —
sound of falling rain

A Public Garden with People Walking in the Rain by Vincent van Gogh

Today Toni gives us the prompt for dVerse Haibun Monday. The word is komorebi which means sun that shines through the branches. When the sun us lower in autumn this is one of many ways that changes take place. Do I need to say that it rained today.

September 4, 2017

27 responses to “Plan to change – Komorebi

  1. Its still sunny here on most days but it rains at night now ~ I have also washed and readied my autumn clothes ~ Good thing I take the subway to work as I can’t imagine myself bicycling in the rain and frost ~Love the haibun ~ Have a good week Bjorn ~

  2. Your haiku went straight into my heart. We haven’t seen the Sandhill cranes with their honking and their circling around until they ‘elect’ a leader….but it will be soon. Rain? A love condition for reading and a blanket.

  3. Your haibun tells me you are slightly further into autumn with geese gathering into skeins – a very evocative symbol for change and your haiku is beautiful :o)

  4. We also had rain this morning! I can remember cycling to work and having to think about suitable attire. I love that you have included the ‘sun filtering through leaves’ and geese!

  5. It’s a golden day here, still in the grips of a rather mild summer. I think your autumn is more advanced than ours. Great haiku!

  6. Sounds like you have a wonderful bike culture with shower rooms at work and many people biking. That;s fantastic! I love the image of the geese flying south maybe they would stay if they had rain gear.

  7. “geese are gathering to skeins” LOVE this line! We forget the plural words for animals.
    Ah yes, the planning that comes with each season….tis true.

  8. I love the reference to the v’s of the geese! And having to change so much clothing! When I loved in Philadelphia I used to bike to the restaurant where I worked. I feel it! I love the haiku. Falling rain, geese…what more could anyone want? Magic!

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