Words I can’t remember

I love you as a song of words I can’t remember,
as breeze and sun, as ice and warmth
of ember an evening in November,
I love you with the bliss of rain that follows drought
with sighs, with moans, as breath and water.

Blue Lovers by Marc Chagal

Today I host dVerse Quadrille. Write any poem in exactly 44 words containing the word bliss. Join us at the bar when we open at 9 PM CET.

August 27, 2017

37 responses to “Words I can’t remember

  1. Wow. What a wonderful word and what a wonderful use of the word. “Warmth of ember an evening in November. A great image of cold outside and intimate warmth inside.

  2. Absolutely stunning! Love the illustration….love reading it aloud. What a beautiful love you’ve painted with your words! Pure bliss!

  3. I read this as if it’s describing a love between people where memory lapse is a problem — dementia, Alzheimer’s. So it’s the deepest kind of love perhaps, because it involves loving even when someone doesn’t seem to recognize you anymore, always waiting for those moments of recognition. It only works, and stays alive, if the love is as needed (for sustenance, for existence) as water and air. Beautiful work. It makes me think of so many of our mothers who seem to be struggling.

  4. What a romantic you are, brother. When I try to emulate you. I can’t smooth out my rough edges. My piece is more pragmatic, bordering on existential.

  5. Beautiful imagery, Bjorn … and thank you for an uplifting theme in this week of such dreadful news of the flood in the southern U.S.

  6. Very beautiful- I like this bit- I love you as a song of words I can’t remember….that familiarity, knowing every nuance of the music without needing to remember the words.

  7. A beautiful love poem..reminds me of a poem that I can’t remember about the days of September…the reference is a nice thread through the poem

  8. Behind the male poet there is a very lucky lady, Bjorn! You have written a quadrille so sublime I’m lost for words.But my favourite lines have to be ‘…as ice and warmth
    of ember an evening in November’.

  9. Late getting started here…..I join those who chose the “warmth
    of ember an evening in November” line as their favorite. Your poetry just keeps getting better and better esch day.

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