Felling pines

sighs of pines are silence
    loudly said
a moment to consider
ponder this and that:

    to consider clouds
    to butterfly a bit
    & talk to moths

sighs of pines are signs
or a choice to change

before the chainsaw wails
    felling pines
knowing well it’s far from fine

Felling by Isaac Levitan

Linked to Tuesday Platform at toads

August 28, 2017

16 responses to “Felling pines

  1. sighs of pines are silence
    loudly said

    Gosh, Bjorn, who could eclipse the paradox of your opening line? Fine poetry, friend.

  2. This poem is heart rending. I am friends with several trees and the thought of those being felled is heartbreaking and it is heartbreaking to think of trees murdered before I had a chance to get to know them.

  3. kaykuala

    before the chainsaw wails felling pines
    knowing well it’s far from fine

    Why must the greedy and powerful entrepreneurs be allowed to have their way?


  4. Behind the horse barn we were at a few years ago – they came in and clear cut acres of trees – it was so ugly and shocking – the land seriously had been raped. No trees left standing – just stubble. It wasn’t for development either.

  5. The felling of trees is a harsh sight to come upon. ‘sighs of pines are silence’ captures this so well.

    The wordsmithing in this in adroitly done.

  6. I especially like the playfulness with language that you use in this piece, though the content has a serious point understated. It makes it all the more powerful.

  7. Your poem brought to my minds eye the releasing of the green pollen that covers everything in sight during spring in the Hill Country of Texas. Cedars not pine.

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