Ode to my jeans

You are two in one
hugging buttocks
crotch and thighs
they are soft as grass
burn thin as paper
at rain
in sun
at night
the memories
from a Dhaka seamstress
dreaming of an urgent nap
before another workday starts;
in the seams
still lingers tears
and a scent from Buriganga dusk.

Once they had
a midnight hue
but they have
faded blue and oil-stained
with a signature
of urgent
bike repair
when we were late
to see that film
we never really liked.

On the right knee
there’s a hole
from when I slipped
on gravel left
after ice
had thawed,
My jeans remember
even after
all my cuts and bruises healed.
My jeans
are still my notebook
friends and followers.

Inspired again by Neruda I decided to write an ode for dVerse OLN. We had this as a prompt a long time ago.
August 24, 2017

34 responses to “Ode to my jeans

  1. Good God, this is one of your best poems EVER. Crazy good style. This made me very happy to read, and that is what I have always longed for most out of poetry. Well done. I will read this several times, I’m sure.

  2. I love the way you go from your own body encased in your jeans all the way to a ‘Dhaka seamstress
    dreaming of an urgent nap
    before another workday starts’.
    I also like the way you describe the colour, including the oil-stained
    of urgent
    bike repair
    when we were late
    to see that film
    we never really liked’.

  3. Wow–I really dug this piece; something fresh & original. I guess every article of clothing, every house & building, every vehicle, every tree is witness to episodes of your life. Lots of fodder for future dVerse prompts. This poem shines, brother, jetting toward the top of your lexicon

  4. Nothing better than a favorite pair of jeans…soft as grass, thin as paper! I like the idea of denim notebook, a journal of sorts.

  5. This poem is ASTOUNDING, Björn. I love all of the images and memories you weave into a single garment — and especially that the jeans’ voyage starts in India, with their maker. Just brilliant.

  6. I really like this–the way you described the tears of the seamstress still buried in the seams, the feel of the jeans themselves, the other memories carried in them. . .and the bit of homage to Neruda, too. 🙂

  7. Goodness, you wrote with so much passion I was so afraid it was headed for any tragic turn — like “Wilson” the volleyball. The happy ending is oddly satisfying. Lol

  8. I remember that prompt! I love this idea of how an article of clothing is a notebook, not just of your own life, but of the one who sewed the clothing in the first place.

  9. I had not read the previous poem until now, so both leave me fixated on your mid-section or crotch today ;-). I love how the briefs and jeans gave you so much food for thought…freedom to explore their history as well as so much more! Time for a new pair?

  10. I love the idea of jeans remembering. I know that I am very attached to my jeans … perhaps that’s a big part of the reason why.

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