The library has borders,
books are fenced defence,
defiance and his shelter.
Sentences are bulwark,
sentinels against
the ignorance
of those not
yet enlightened.

He believes in castles
swords protecting this —
his world of words.
But the aged librarian has forgotten:
if you fence the freedom,
if you pull the drawbridge to protect your books
you will cross another border
of being literary illiterate.

Walls in Spain by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

A second contribution to Grace’s prompt on borders at dVerse.

August 22, 2017

16 responses to “Illiteracy

  1. A twist on the borders of literacy and illiteracy Bjorn ~ Both sides need to be open, and allow for questions and freedom ~ Love your perspective ~

  2. Do you remember a bookstore called Borders? Haha. Access to literacy should not have such barriers. Always enjoy your literary melodies. Do you enjoy reading live? I miss the open mic days of my twenties. 🙂

  3. Ah! The return of the ancient librarian! Welcome back! Yes, the library HAS borders, but the imagination does not, and the ‘fenced defence’, bulwark and sentinels are also the gateway to other worlds – a wonderful paradox!

  4. Interesting, over the last few poems, when I make grammar suggestions, you do not change the mistakes. My bad, I will stop offering.
    I will just ignore them like others kindly do.

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