More refrain than lyric

This song is more refrain than lyric,
a broken record of apologies.

You were right of course,
but it ceased to matter
when we picked at scabs,
when we bruised and battled.
when victory was silence
and a refrain of all apologies.

This song is just a makeshift grave
of broken promises, the endless
repetition of being wrong (and wronged),
of being married buried. Cured.

Lost in translation by Peter Halley

Linked to Tuesday platform at toads

June 10, 2017

21 responses to “More refrain than lyric

  1. Beautiful line “This song is more refrain than lyric,” and I enjoyed this one quite a bit too “This song is just a makeshift grave.”

  2. This makes me think of the saying “If a man speaks in the forest, and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?” Smiles. I do love the closing word: which seems to overcome all the rest.

  3. Kurt Cobain is (well, was) a damn sexy man/singer. He largely comprised the soundtrack of my adolescence.

    Poor Courtney. 😦

  4. Hah, the Nirvana refrain came to mind before I saw that you had linked it. Like… hmmm, the classic case of “married buried” perhaps. 😉

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