Brave enough to bleed

It’s not a fragile thing to bleed —
or to pillow fears.

It’s not the boldest who bear arms —
those who wage the wars.

So let us be the poppies, brave —
courageous shedding tears.

by Robert Draves (@draves.robert)

Magaly gave us three images and phrases at toads. I fell for the fragile thing with a poppy. Also linking to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.
July 8, 2017

40 responses to “Brave enough to bleed

  1. So let us be the poppies, brave —
    courageous shedding tears.

    Shedding tears of the innocents to the wild escapades and deathly experiences of them ending in stupors of the vanquished


  2. I loved the poem, but the train of thought from poppies to opium to painkillers suggests other things… Sorry, just wanted to ask about that.

  3. It’s so interesting that someone thinks of poppies with painkillers, as I can only think of Flanders’ Fields and all those terrible battlefields of WWI. And to me they underly your poem, the stupidity of that War and the terrible terrible waste, and what’s come since. Thanks much. You are very right in your statements here. k.

  4. Yes that did bring up the absolute waste of life in the trenches of WWI. Nothing weak about crying though… absolutely agree.

  5. Tears ooze out of the windows of the soul for a purpose – to give us balm and make us strong again. Thank you, Bjorn.

  6. This gave me chills on a sunny winter’s day.. That only happens when words touch something deep inside my subconscious mind and trigger a tactile response. What more can I say?

  7. I had to stop and think about pillowing fears. It took a bright and unexpected turn of phrase and color.

  8. It’s difficult to connect beauty with the grief of war. But you’ve done it. Your poem is sad and beautiful.

  9. The poppy: an emblematic and allegorical blossom that holds a mournful load in its delicate petals.

  10. Poppies one of the most beautiful of flowers, and perhaps very brave when you think of it? The poppy will be here only briefly, opens gloriously, and then the petals drop away. Reminds me of the cherry blossoms.

  11. In Flanders Field…I can not but think of WWI and how we have to count our world wars in Roman numerals. Poppies are so brave. Moving and eloquent.

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