Getting a confession

The office was almost empty, someone must have warned them. Empty binders on the floor, a shredder and a pile of staples. The young woman had been pushed into a corner as the two policemen entered.

“This has to be evidence”, Sergeant Yemalain rolled up his sleeves.

“The staples are only circumstantial, we need the paperwork….

    or if not…

      a confession will do.”

Captain Afanasy moved up to the girl and touched her cheek.

“I leave that to you Arkady.”

As the Captain closed the door. Sergeant Yemalain grinned. He unbuckled his belt and moved closer to the terrified girl.

This image made me think of why you would have all those staples left, and I guessed that there has to be a shredder somewhere (or a copying machine).

At Friday Fictioneers we try to find different stories (in hundred words) in the same picture. Rochelle selects the picture and the example. Join the fun if you want to train your skills in writing.

May 5 2017

68 responses to “Getting a confession

  1. I think the young girl is going to be another victim of the big corrupt corporation covering their tracks. Nice work. Incidentally, the name of Arkady brought to mind the Arkady Renko novels by Martin Cruz Smith (started with Gorky Park) – have you read them? This scene would fit in with their style and subject matter.

  2. Wow! That was some good thinking, they way you connected your story with a picture was delightful. And the prompt sounds interesting, I’m going to write one soon!

  3. Good story. The jury seems to be out as to whether these are staples or paperclips. Whatever they are, they seem to be inspiring a lot of criminal thoughts among us!

  4. Bjorn, you didn’t spell out what happens. Just left it to the reader and as we know, there are some criminal minds amongst these Friday Fictioneers.
    When I saw the prompt, I couldn’t work out what they were and went with paperclips based on Rochelle’s take but used staples seems more likely. My take was actually 90% true. I did have a boss with a paperclip fetish.
    xx Rowena

  5. I hope she has the letter opening knife to hand, then beats a hasty retreat.

  6. Dude, this is so engaging. I love this piece! What a great picture, too. I kind of want to write for it, but I’m gone for a couple of weeks. Kind of hard to write on a phone.

  7. Staples, paperclips or a cup of silver string (which is what I see!) will not matter to that poor girl stuck with such corruption.
    Well done, Sir!

  8. I, too, wondered about a cupful of staples. I think you wrapped it up quite nicely – except for the girl. I’m afraid she’s in for a bit of trouble. Kudos.

  9. What kind of police force / soldiers are they that behave worse than the criminals? Chilling stuff Bjorn and you did it so well. I feel for you with the crime writing conundrum. I could never write some of the torturous stuff out there – would make myself sick just thinking of it!

  10. Perfect description of police methods in totalitarian regimes. And even some that pretend to be democracies. She is a brave woman, staying behind and destroying the evidence (of the resistance I like to think).

  11. That is dark. Poor girl. And a reminder as to why we need all the tools of democracy at our fingertips.

  12. Hey,
    When I started working where I am now, I had loads of documents to scan in. So it was easier to put the staples in a cup than the bin. So that there is 7 nearly 8 years worth of staples…

  13. You portray all too well the bullying and corrupt officer, who makes up the law as he goes. I can think of many purposes for a shredder or a stapler, should he drop his pants!

  14. Awesome. A great ‘take’ on the prompt. I’ve been thinking about getting into some flashfiction myself. I really enjoy the haibun/tanka-prose pieces I’ve done – and flash fiction is really hot right now (hotter than poetry with some publishers of literary journals … or so it seems to me).

  15. Okay, I did not see the ending coming with how they would get the information. That is one corrupt police station. Great write!

  16. Very unsettling. I hope she’s got an unfurled paperclip in her hand she can put to good use.

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