Does it matter afterwards that objects in mirror are closer than they appear?
We drove and never cared.

When they came, they sneaked upon us from behind, and left us stranded.
Roadkill on the evolution highway.

I walk barefoot through the carnage of the last concrete crumbling from another dandelion onslaught.

“For every lasting specie, many more are left behind,” I tell a dinosaur, who nods and says:

“It was the meteors for us, but you, you caused it to yourself.”

I’m humbled knowing well that rats and snakes now populate the world we left.
Only afterwards we cared.

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The picture of the rearview mirror reminded me of the text that is put as a warning, which took me to a dystopian metaphor on never learning from history…. hmm wonder how it worked, I’m curious.

This Monday I went back to work, the eye is healing well and if all goes well I should get fully back. Surgery has evolved so much since my father went blind.

Friday Fictioneers is the perfect prompt to increase your skills in writing. Every Wednesday Rochelle gives us a picture and example. We write and try to read as many we can. It’s addictive.

May 10, 2017

31 responses to “(r)evolution

  1. Great analogy, Björn — even if it is a grim one for our species. Well, we’ve had a good long run, haven’t we. Great news about your return to work, though. I hope you will continue to feel better and better in the days and weeks ahead.

  2. I am insane over this gorgeousness: “I walk barefoot through the carnage of the last concrete crumbling”

    That is incredible poetry.

    I love this lead-in: “I tell a dinosaur, who nods and says: …”

    “I’m humbled knowing well that rats and snakes now populate the world” … Love that too.

  3. I’ve always been drawn to that message in the mirror too, and pondered on what else it might mean — I really enjoyed (er, was terrified by) your take on it. I’ve missed so much news lately, I didn’t know about your eye surgery, but it sounds horrible. I’m glad to hear your recovery is going well!

  4. Dear Björn,

    Roadkill on the evolution highway. I love where you took the picture. This is what I mean when I quote, “…it’s what you see.” Brilliant. Now you have me humming “Dust in the Wind.”



    • Thank you Rochelle.

      Actually that text was the first on the mirror was the first thing that popped up in my mind. Maybe because we don’t have it in Europe I have always noted it when I rent cars in the US… 🙂

      Then I just took the text and went with it.

  5. Not knowing what the text was, it took me a moment to understand, but when I did I loved your poem. Glad to hear you’re recovering well.

  6. Our mirrors don’t have that warning but I’m aware of it from American TV.
    Great piece. I especially love the conversation with the dinosaur.

  7. II would be redundant stating which phrases I loved… I have to agree with all the above. This was a brilliant take. Guess only us North-Americans are stupid enough to NOT know that objects in mirror are closer than they appear…
    So very happy today’s medicine is what it is and that you shall not suffer the same as your father. Keep healing!

  8. Indeed, a most disturbing metaphor. I can think of certain world leaders at the moment, who are definitely misjudging that distance. If they think they’re safe from what’s coming, just because they’re in their sixties and seventies, they’d better think again and mend their ways.

    I’m so pleased your eye surgery has proved a success 🙂

  9. Brilliant analogy Björn, quite (worryingly) prophetic
    Glad too your eye surgery has gone well.
    Anna :o].

  10. Beautifully crafted. There are too many lines that I loved to list here, I think I would have to quote the whole poem. I hope we start to care before it’s too late.

  11. Satchel Paige said, “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.” Much of the human race has taken that to heart. The dinosaur has it right–we did do it to ourselves. It’s hard to believe people deny global warming, especially if there’s a dollar to be made.

    Glad to hear your eye is healing. Hopefully, my ear will follow suit sometime this summer.

  12. Oh dear, so grim!! You always write stories or poetry that make the reader take a step back and reflect. After Trump was elected, I decided to read 1984 (never read it in college and try to stay away from depression books but still…) Like Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale…or The Road…all so depressing and too true to life.

    I’m pleased to hear your eye surgery is healing well…we are blessed in your writings and I am always in awe how you write so beautifully in English.

  13. And oh, how we are doing it to ourselves. Living in the States right now is like being on a roller coaster without belts or handrails.

  14. The scariest thing I’ve seen is the movie Waterworld where the hero dives to the bottom of the water body and there are skyscrapers down there. I hope I don’t live to see us destroy ourselves. We don’t seem to learn from history especially when some of our leaders don’t know much about history. That’s also scary. Good writing, Bjorn. 🙂 — Suzanne.

  15. I really enjoyed the rhythm of this, if not the outcome. Love the line, ‘Roadkill on the evolution highway,’ which sums up the piece beatifully.

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