Soul of the underground

Underneath my fingernails
a promise caught:

for saplings,seeds and bulbs
for growths and green
for spring
for what I dug in fall:

A growth from soil (decay
and death)
form dirt and blisters
welcome daffodils.

So when it’s time to part
with earth
please let me fertilize,
please turn my flesh to mulch
and bones to ash
and find my soul in daffodils.

Soul Of The Underground by Jean Dubuffet

Today my prompt on dVerse is to write about soil. Be inspired to dig as deep as you want. Write dirty if you like. Bar opens soon, come join the fun.

May 9, 2017

30 responses to “Soul of the underground

  1. That opening is a home run (forgive the metaphor). I have the same wish as you though I would love to nourish a Jacaranda tree–thus the theme of the title poem in my (only, so far) poetry collection.

  2. That is so sweet actually. I hope you do turn into daffodils, I would be ever content to turn into a daisy or tournesol 🙂 Cheryl-Lynn

  3. Yup–that closing line is killer, and there, somehow, is a life lived within the slender limbs of brevity. You always do so much, reap so much, from slim stanzas. My verbosity, clearly how I do it, poetry, can be intimidating for those outriders on the dVerse trail, hopping from site to site.

  4. Love that soil giving life even after death ~ Your ending lines are my favorite with: find my soul in daffodils.

  5. My goodness this is gorgeous!! Especially love the tenderness of your last stanza ❤️

  6. The opening line is an instant hook, evoking a gardener’s green fingers and hope. The last stanza is about being comfortable as a mortal and I love the idea of the soul becoming daffodils!

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  8. a much less solipsistic tale than narcissus! love the depth and breadth of this birth and burial

  9. I totally agree, Bjorn! What a lovely thought. There’s something about gardening that heals. Both of our poems were somewhat on the same track at the end. I am happy you are done with your surgery and back at it.

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