Echo please

Call me back
my love. Oh please
come please me
with an echo.

When I whisper —
come whisper back.
Please. please me
with your echo.

But if I’m silent
remind me please
to please you
with an echo,
and another echo.
Echo please.

Écho by Alexandre Cabanel

Today it’a Quadrille on dVerse. De hosts with the word echo.

May 8, 2017

28 responses to “Echo please

  1. “Call me back,” and “But if I’m silent” are such lovely lines. This poem feels like bouncing in the waves of a ripple. Soft, quiet, and moving.

  2. Great use of echoes in your Quadrille, Björn! I love the way you’ve changed them slightly in each stanza. It has a pleasing ebb and flow to it.

  3. A terrific & romantic Q44, sir, transferring the prompt into both action & concept. Your cleverness is not harnessed by your perfect brevity; smile.

  4. I love this take. I think we all want that echo and we often strain to provide it to loved ones in need of its reverb.

  5. if i had to ask my lover this i am assuming he has forgotten all about me or slowly slipping away, then my please would like echoes in a barren desert place – love the repetition of the word echo – sounded like an echo as i read it out loud

  6. Ah, waiting for your lover to respond. That moment when it’s her turn to return love. Will she do it or not? It gives great tension to the rhyme

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