Follow your dreams

My dreams are thieves, strange and strained
they trespass, sneak on plimsoll soles at night.

My dreams are knives and satin, a morning sated,
they are odd solutions infinitely non-convergent.

My dreams are roses left on coffins,
sunshine six feet under.
My dreams are endless ends of cancelled shows.

But my dreams have no beginnings.

Banksy – Follow your dreams

Today we are to recycle old prompts at toads. I chose an old Flash 55. I will also link to PU tomorrow morning.

May 6, 2017

38 responses to “Follow your dreams

  1. A lot of paradoxes presented. And the icing on the cake is when you say
    “But my dreams have no beginnings”

    Very interesting Björn

    Much love…

  2. I never ceases to amaze me how responses to prompts are so different! We both chose Flash 55 PLUS and you wrote wistfully about dreams while I went scientific with symbiosis! I love the opening lines:
    ‘My dreams are thieves, strange and strained
    they trespass, sneak on plimsoll soles at night’.

  3. Dreams are thieves that not only disturb sleep but more often leave you dissatisfied on waking with questions that remain unanswered.

  4. I love this, especially love dreams being roses on caskets six feet under. Wow. It’s got me thinking about what else dreams are.

  5. This is very sad all dreams need a beginning, somewhere to go. In the end I often wonder who will remember my dream, who will leave a rose of remembrance.

  6. From the title, I expected something different, but I love the challenging direction you took it in. There is so much bite in this piece that when you go back and read the title again, you almost want to read it aloud with clenched teeth.

  7. I like this Bjorn. Unfulfilled dreams are sad and yes, they seem to have no beginning or explanation for being.

  8. I think that the seed of our dreams is planted, long before we dream. We, usually, take no notice of it. We control so very little of our destiny, in this world. That, I suppose, is the dirty little secret about dreams … and life in general. “My dreams are endless ends of cancelled shows.”: sad, but oh-so-true.

  9. I liked reading this, Bjorn. Especially the perpetual dream. I had a few recurring dreams that lasted years and years, but are gone entirely now. I also chose the Flash 55, I used the first picture on Margaret’s Artistic though, possibly with a trespassing blackbird on the fence.

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