Ode to a mighty man

O mighty righteous man who rule this world
You sense what’s right or wrong, and all our facts
are yours to bend or keep in secret furled.
O humble, gentle man with sense for tact
your swing is perfect and your ball can curl.
We trust your patience to destroy the pacts.
to improve this world we don’t need your alms,
No, mighty man please give us guns and bombs.

Wall by Banksy

Frank want us to use irony today at dVerse MTB. I couldn’t help to write to make it political and in the form of ottava rima. Bar is open now.

March 30, 2017

25 responses to “Ode to a mighty man

  1. Like the song from the Eagles–“Send me money, guns & lawyers !” Did you ever watch MIAMI BLUES ?

  2. Wise words of the errors of humankind, seeking peace through war…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  3. few lines with mighty thoughts, gathering secrets then using bombs – loved the structure of the verse gave it a very drum like beat to read – reminded me of a communist regime somehow

  4. Or just give us “guns and Blondes.” Mighty man, now whom might that be? lol Good to feel a bit of push back against being told what is good for you…Write while you can, before the 1st amendment is a fake amendment (you never know)

  5. I had more to say, but my phone flipped-out on me and I lost the rest of the message. Just know that I enjoyed reading this poem.

  6. I see your irony at making fun of powerful men.

    Few suggestions:

    1. English Grammar Thought: “man who ruleS”
    2. Punctuation inconsistencies (or are they intentional?)
    (a) period after world, or small Y in You.
    (b) If period after pacts, you may want to capitalize “to”
    (c) comma after tact
    (d) capital t in second to last line, followed by small n in no in last.

  7. While I enjoyed your poem as is, Bjorn, I have to say that politics in general have left me quite raw. I’m in search of the arts that trade in balms rather than bombs. Still, from the word craft – side of things; you are an artist whose work I can always admire. And more so when I realize how well you do in English something I can’t even begin to do in your native tongue. I doff my hat to you, sir!

    (Forgive the missing umlaut… or whatever it’s called in your country. I haven’t learned how to get it to happen with my decidedly American keyboard.)

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