Two as one

When you butterfly
on earlobes,
mindless I am tossed
as you dress my chest in
mane of yours.

Then you tongue my cheek,
lip-sip spit and
flurry me on fingertips.

We upside down
and inside out
we meat, we merge
we sweat.

My back striated, nailed
I marble-pillar
you beneath,
above within, and speared
you firework with me.

Rolla by Henri Gevrex

Rolla by Henri Gevrex

Today Lillian prompt us to verbify nouns at dVerse something I think work best with erotica.

January 24, 2017

41 responses to “Two as one

  1. This is so much deeper than erotica.

    “you beneath,
    above within”

    Every part is my favorite … no phrase rises above another; it’s all so well crafted.

  2. whoooosh! 🙂 You’ve nailed it…especially with “butterfly.” I wonder if others will use erotica here? I’ve used fingertips and written of love. Mine is a bit more reserved? 🙂 Looking forward to what others write!

  3. Super sensual, brother, rocking the prompt and the boudoir. This “verbifying nouns” is quite the trip.

  4. Whoa, my comment slipped into the hands of cyber gnomes it seems, so try, try again; smile, Your piece is super-sensual, rocked the prompt & the boudoir–and yes, you “nailed” both; giggle. Verbifying nouns is a ton of fun, for sure.

  5. Goodness me! It’s amazing what a little verbification can do? With a name similar to califonication I suppose it’s only to be expecteD! 🙂

  6. Nouns have never being moved to verb so erotically. What a rush, Bjorn–sexy words, sexy movement, sexy images. I can see them being and loving… and I don’t mind it one bit. 😉

  7. Nice use of new verbs, Bjorn. I hadn’t read this type writing from you before, a fun read, and fun write, I’m sure.

  8. The nouns as verbs works exceedingly well in this poem. I think the third stanza is a marvel on its own.. really well done.

  9. This poem actually reminded me of how more than one person in my life described their love lives in a specific place in the house or otherwise reminds them of fireworks.
    I like that the poem feels joyous and gentle.

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